Thursday, August 9, 2007

Microsoft & Piracy: The irony

I just read this article on the Register and I couldn't help but find it somewhat ironic.

This person committed a serious breach of Microsoft's IP rights, and yet it's the authenticity sticker that lands him jailtime - a wonderful thing, according to Microsoft. The explanation:

"To date, civil remedies, in and of themselves, have not been enough to dissuade people even in the US from committing copyright infringement," Jeffery Glassman, an intellectual property lawyer with the California firm Moldo, Davidson, Fraioli, Seror & Sestanovich, told El Reg. Pirates weren't worried about paying civil damages, he explained, because their illegal software businesses were so darn lucrative. They could still come out ahead.

Fine, but it seems to me that a more direct resolution would be to allow Microsoft to collect more in damages. After all, it's the copying that MS presumably wants to stop, not the usage of fake authenticity stickers.

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